Scottsboro Boys. Porchlight Theater.

Set Design by Andrei Onegin.

2017 Equity Jeff Award winner as Best Midsize Musical Production.

…Andrei Onegin has created an interactive set design The cast is able to climb on the rafters sitting on different levels at different script moments. A moving train car in the background serves as a constant reminder of how the boys got mixed up in this situation. Meanwhile projections on the back screen complement the story…

Picture This Post. Alexis Bugajsky.

…The set design by Andrei Onegin is unique in that it allows us to focus on the story, but the feeling of where each scene is supposed to be is easy to follow. We are on a train, in a depot, in a prison, in a courtroom and only some boxes are used to make these scene changes. Clever and precise!…

Around The Town Chicago. Alan Bresloff

…In addition, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire cast of “The Scottsboro Boys” is brilliant, and together with the vivid direction of Samuel G. Roberson Jr., galvanic choreography by Florence Walker-Harris, fine music direction by Doug Peck, and splendid design (by Andrei Onegin, Richard Norwood and Samantha Jones), this show easily could hold its own alongside “Hamilton.”…

Chicago Sun Times. Hedy Weiss.

A Small Oak Tree Runs Red.

Director Harry Lennix.

Set Design – Andrei Onegin.

Set construction – Seagull Works Shop.

…Precisely why Harry Lennix — television star, movie actor, producer, friend of President Barack Obama — is working in a tiny space on the third floor of the Athenaeum Theatre does not take long to reveal itself. The new play on which Lennix quietly is working, "A Small Oak Tree Runs Red," is an exceptionally gutsy, powerful and potent drama from Lekethia Dalcoe, a playwright without much of a profile beyond a few workshops and some minor festivals…

Chicago Tribune. Chris Jones

…Combining elements of historical drama, magical realism, and Southern gothic (especially in the stunning stage design of Andrei Onegin), “Small Oak Tree” pivots between two worlds as its horrifying story develops, one steeped in realism, the other in nightmare…

Chicago Theatre Review. Peter Thomas Ricci.

What I learned in Paris.

Set & props design – Andrei Onegin.

Set & props construction -Seagull Works Shop.

2016 BTA Award nomination for Best Set Design.


… All this plays out with whip-smart dialogue against the backdrop of Andrei Onegin’s period-perfect set — pale-brick walls and bright-orange sunburst wallpaper redolent of 1970s style…

Kerry Reid. Chicago Tribune.

“The playboy of the western world.”

Set Design – Andrei Onegin,

set construction – Seagullworks scene shop.

2014 non-equity Jeff Award recipient.

We are extremely excited to share the great news of receiving a Non-Equity Jeff Award citation for Set Design of Raven Theatre’s “The Playboy of The Western World”. 
We are deeply honored to be recognized by the hardworking Jeff Award committee that selected this artistic work from the more than 250 theater productions in and around Chicago.

Our own Andrei Onegin (Senior Project Manager/Scenic Design) received the award during a wonderful evening with industry peers and supporters at the Park West Theatre.

As a Chicago-based scene shop, we are proud to have worked on this project that we were able to support from beginning to end. Seagull Works worked with the client from the very first artistic sketches and 1/2” scale model, to the finishing technical details of set and furniture installation on the Raven stage. 

The combination of artistic vision and advanced technical understanding is one of the strongest offerings of Seagull Works, giving us the edge as we work with clients to design 
and build scenic sets according to your budget.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

We are proud to announce that we have built sets – JEFF AWARD WINNERS for years of 2013, 2014 and 2015 !!!

“Vieux Carre.”

Set Design- Ray Toler.

Construction – Seagull Works Scene Shop.


The Price.

Designer Amanda Rozmiarek,

Set construction by Seagull Works Scene Shop.

2013 Jeff Award WINNER.


We have built sets -2013, 2014 and 2015 JEFF AWARD WINNERS!!!